Below you will find a list of the questions I get asked on a regular basis.

Yes, this is definitely a service Tyne Electrical Services Ltd provide and we have completed a number of Solar PV panel installations recently. We would design the right layout and calculate the number of panels needed for your property. We would then arrange for scaffolding to be erected so that we can install the panels safely on to your roof. Installation of the battery as well as the management system would also be included.

We can install an EV (Electric Vehicle) charging point to a home or property as long as you are the legal owner of the property and you have direct access to the vehicles parking space. This could be a garage or other off road secure parking such as a drive way. 

The wiring within a building is a complex system which should only be maintained by a fully registered and qualified electrician. Allowing anyone who is not fully qualified to carry out works on your property can result in serious consequences such as electrical fires and even death. Always make sure your electrician is registered on the electrical competent person website

Whoever you choose to use, make sure they are a qualified and registered electrician. Ask for copies of their part P scheme membership (NICEIC, Napit or Stroma) and public liability insurance if you have any concerns. Tyne Electrical Services Ltd are NICEIC approved contractors and domestic installers which means we can carryout the work required and issue the paperwork without the need of a third party.

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a device which is usually installed at the origin of a circuit that detects imbalance between the Line and Neutral conductors (a fault which goes to earth). In the event of an imbalance the RCD will activate, cutting off the supply to the circuit.

The best time to rewire is before you move in or as soon as possible after. Also whilst you are away on vacation or whilst renovation works are being completed. The best situation for any rewire is an empty and unoccupied property for the duration of the works.

Yes, a home report, otherwise known as an electrical installation condition report, EICR, or landlords certificate will give you a firm idea of the quality of the electrical installation at your home as well as the age of the install.

It is a common courtesy to let your neighbours know if you are having any extensive noisy or messy works done. We can also inform your two immediate neighbours by means of a letter.

Homes are rewired for various reasons. No individual reason is more important than for your safety! Some people rewire as soon as they buy a property, some people rewire when they are having other large building or renovation works. Some people rewire due to age of installation and safety is their main concern.

Yes. A house can be rewired in stages. One floor at a time, one room at a time or if you are revamping a room of your house like the kitchen where you may need additional sockets and lighting.

If you have access to the properties electrical installation certificate, that should tell you the information you need. If you don’t have access to these documents then by using a qualified electrician like Tyne Electrical Services Ltd you can have the electrical installation assessed (an EICR) and a full report provided that will give you a solid guide of when your installation was installed and how its safety stands up against todays standards.

Yes rewiring a home one room at a time is definitely possible, however it is not a very cost effective way of working.

An old fuse box is 100% not against the law. However, an old fuse box can be likened to driving a car without the seatbelt on. It’s all well and good until something goes wrong. And it WILL go wrong at some point.

Yes. We use the terms ‘satisfactory’ and ‘unsatisfactory’ when it comes to describing an electrical installations. If an electrical installation poses an immediate danger an electrician can turn off and lock off your electrical installation and issue a danger notice. Whilst it is very rare to happen, in just over 20 years we have only issued 2 danger notifications and these were for a single circuit not a whole installation.

As a rough guide, 25 - 30 years, but a lot depends on how well the installation was installed and whether it has been adapted, changed and altered throughout its life and whether it has been regularly serviced.

For an additional cost you can upgrade any part of your installation from a standard white plastic finish to any other style like slim and flat plate profile with a finish such as screwless, polished chrome, brushed chrome, steel, black, white, copper brass and so many more options are available.

If you have chosen to chase the cables into the wall as above and had the walls plastered then the last thing to do is redecorate. For this we can only offer you reputable and reliable local decorating services.

If you are choosing to have all of your cables chased into the walls for the flush fitted look, then yes, plastering will be necessary upon completion. Tyne Electrical Services Ltd work closely with a select few local reputable plasterers and can take care of the making good and plastering services for you.

In some cases, where a metallic conduit was installed for cable routing when the property was built, a home can be rewired by pulling new cables into the conduits as the old cables are removed. These types of rewires are usually possible on older blocks of flats and apartments.

We always aim to use existing capping within the plaster from existing points, but if new points are needed and chasing is required we have the latest chasing equipment complete with dust extraction system which as its chasing the wall it also knocks out the chase which gets sucked up this eliminates a lot of mess.

A one-man-band electrician can take up to 1-2 weeks to complete a standard 3 bedroom terraced house. A rewire will require full access to most or all areas of the property. This would include lofts, cellars, garages, and void areas such as under floorboards. During the rewire process the electrical supply will need to be switched off intermittently. Tyne Electrical Services Ltd can arrange at the end of the project a deep clean ready for your arrival.

Yes of Course. During the quoting process we identify quantities and placements of all switches, sockets, lights and any other lighting fixture. Some people choose to rewire to the exact same spec as is existing. These rewires are usually carried our from a safety perspective. Some rewires are carried out alongside a full refurbishment of the property giving the home owner a creative license to have as many outlets as they need!

As part of my ongoing efforts to exceed in your expectations, I will usually be able to come out and give you a quote within a week, however, I will always give you a set date for when I can carry out the job. I can also carry out most jobs to a strict deadline.