Garden Lighting Installed by Tyne Electrical Services in Seaton, Devon

Are you looking for an electrician for a small job in Seaton? Here at Tyne Electrical Services, we welcome jobs of all sizes, large and small. All electrical work we undertake is approached with the same level of care and attention to detail. If you need a reliable electrician for a small job in Seaton, we’re here to help.

What is a small electrical job?

A small electrical job is something that will take a qualified electrician around an hour to complete. They are often covered by an electrician’s minimum charge. If a small electrical job at your Seaton home takes much less than an hour they may ask if there are any other small jobs they can help you with to fully utilise the time. This could be changing the light bulb in a tricky light fitting or replacing a faceplate on a socket. Some electricians don’t undertake small electrical jobs and concentrate on larger works such as rewires. At Tyne Electrical Services, we believe that your small job is just as important as the larger ones and will always find time for you in our diary.

Some examples of small electrical jobs can include:

•    Replacing a light fitting, switch, or socket faceplate.
•    Installing a doorbell.
•    Installing an outdoor light.
•    Electric cooker or hob connection.
•    Heating control upgrades (upgrading to a smart thermostat).
•    Installing an additional socket

Do I need an electrician for a small job?

It is always advisable to call in an experienced electrician – even for a small job at your Seaton home. Electrical work is dangerous if it isn’t carried out correctly and that is as true for changing a socket as for rewiring a house. If you choose to undertake any electrical work in your home, no matter how minor, there is no guarantee it will be entirely safe. By choosing a qualified electrician for your small job, such as Tyne Electrical Services, you can rest assured that the job will be completed safely and without fuss.

If you didn’t use an electrician for your small job…

If you have attempted that small electrical job at your Seaton home yourself and it hasn’t gone quite to plan – we can help. DIY disasters can happen, even the best prepared, seasoned DIYer can struggle with electrical work. As everything is hidden from view, it can be quite tricky to know if you have the right skill level and tools until you begin. To save time, money, and your health we suggest you put down the tools and hire a fully qualified electrician. 

Small job electrician in Seaton

If you're struggling to find an electrician for those small electrical jobs, look no further than Tyne Electrical Services. We provide the same high level of service for all our customers whether their project is large or small. As fully qualified, NICEIC registered electricians you can be sure of a high-quality result. Don’t just take our word for it, we come highly recommended by our many satisfied customers too. You can look at our testimonials here.
If you need an electrician for a small job in Seaton, call Tyne Electrical Services today.