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Have you considered installing security lighting at your home in Axminster? Tyne Electrical Services have put together this guide to help you understand the benefits of outdoor security lighting and the types of security lights on offer.

Why Should I Install Outdoor Security Lighting?

There are many great advantages to installing outdoor security lighting at your Axminster home. Not only does it make your house more desirable when selling, it also comes with the added benefit of safety. But did you know there are other great advantages too?

Scare away intruders – One of the more common reasons to install outdoor lighting is to scare away burglars. Criminals want to go unnoticed when committing crimes and will often wait for nightfall for the advantage of not being seen. Adding exterior lighting will alert you and your neighbours if anyone is approaching your home which will put off uninvited visitors.

Scare away animals – If you are experiencing unwanted guests such as foxes going down your bins or mice nibbling at your outdoor electrical equipment, then a motion sensor could help you remove these pests from your outdoor space. With light arising from the sense of movement, an animal will be startled and quickly remove themselves from your home.

Parties – No need to bring the party inside or send everyone home early. Unlike fairy lights, outdoor security lighting means visibility is stronger, so you can continue your fun for longer.

Prevent accidents – Giving you a clear external view of your property, outdoor lighting will help guide you to your door safely. Avoiding hazards such as tripping and slipping, you can safely see any obstacles in your way.

Types of Outdoor Security Lights

Choosing the right security light is based on how it can benefit you. There is no point having a floodlight if you only need the light to get you to your front door safely on a dark winter’s night. Below are some example of security lights and what they are useful for:

Timer – These are ideal if you know your going to be out all day and need a light to come on at a specific time for your return. Unlike other security lights, these will automatically turn on and off at a preset time.

Motion sensor – These types of light will only come on if they sense movement. Using less energy than other lighting solutions, this is a great option if you only want light to defer intruders or to get you safely to your door. A downside to this light is it may not stay on long enough for your needs and will need additional movement to extend the light.

LED floodlights – Although often used for commercial and industrial purposes, floodlights can also be a benefit for domestic properties. Illuminating a larger area, these are good for adding security to your home. But bear in mind, in smaller areas, it may upset your neighbours.

Solar – An eco-friendly way of adding security and lighting to your home. Gaining its energy solely from the sun, it will not need to be wired in. When installing this type of security light make sure you consider its positioning towards the sun.

Outdoor security lighting electrician in Axminster

If you’re considering adding security lighting to your home and need more help, Tyne Electrical Services in Axminster would be happy to offer friendly advice. We are Part P registered and NICEIC approved offering you peace of mind that your lighting would be installed correctly and safely.

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