Tyne Electrical in Colyton

When it comes to upgrading your lighting there are many new and exciting light fixtures available throughout electrical wholesalers, large chain stores and on the internet. The benefits of swapping outdated light fixtures for new modern equivalents will mean that in most cases, brighter lights, a more pleasing aesthetic, improving the value of your Seaton home and possibly even bulbs that blow less often!

Safety requirements When Upgrading Your Lighting

In the UK there is a great culture of DIY when it comes to home improvements which is a fantastic way to save money and time in some instances and where trades persons may not undertake smaller jobs. 

When it comes to electrical installations though, there are many hidden dangers that will not be noticed by the untrained eye along with wiring regulations requirements that cannot be met without the right knowledge and experience. 

This is where TYNE ELECTRICAL SERVICES can help.

As qualified and experienced ELECTRICIANS IN SEATON we are able to make sure that all electrical work is carried out to a high standard along with ensuring that all safety requirements are met. 

Using Metal light fittings

Where metal light fittings (or Class 1) are installed, there is a requirement to ensure that the earth connection is properly terminated AND continuous back to the mains. This can only be achieved by an electrician with the correct test equipment and knowledge to interpret the results. 

Without a safe earth connection, the light fitting will still work in many cases. In the event of a fault however, the light fitting could become deadly meaning that electric shocks could occur. This is where the benefits of using and experience lighting electrician come in.

Where to purchase lights from

Light fittings should only be purchased from reputable wholesalers or stores to ensure that they are safe for the UK market. Where fittings have been purchased online, it is vital to check that they have the correct compliance markings to be used in UK homes. 
Substandard and dangerous electrical equipment is easily purchased in error and any attempt to install it could prove dangerous. One of the benefits of using an experienced electrician when upgrading your lighting is that the electrician will carry out the relevant checks to ensure the fitting is safe and compliant.

Safe to DIY?

There are certain tasks that can be undertaken safely on a DIY basis providing the right tools and equipment are available however, installing new lighting is fraught with hazards and problems. Many modern light fittings will allow only a single cable (LINE, NEUTRAL, CPC) to be used and in lots of homes there can be as many as 3 or 4 cables at the ceiling position. 

At Tyne Electrical Services we can safely and correctly install lighting by creating wiring regulations compliant junction points to install the lighting as the manufacturer intended. 

Experienced Lighting Electrician in Seaton

Tyne Electrical Services are qualified, competent, insured and annually assessed by the NICEIC (The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors). The NICEIC are a regulatory body that carry out checks on electricians to ensure that work is completed to the wiring regulations along with annually assessing their competency. 
They recommend NOT doing DIY on home electrics and using a professional licensed contractor. 

So, when it comes to UPGRADING YOUR LIGHTING, no matter how big or small the project, give us a call!