Tyne Electrical Services, Colyton - Adding Outdoor Sockets

Ever wondered how you can better utilise your outdoor space? Want to increase the time you spend in your garden but not sure how? Adding outdoor sockets to your garden can transform your outdoor space from dull to fun in an instant. If you feel your Seaton home could benefit from adding outdoor sockets, then Tyne Electrical Services are on hand to help. We are Seaton’s local and fully qualified electricians.

Benefits of Adding Outdoor Sockets

There are many advantages for installing outdoor sockets to your home. It can increase the usage of your garden and will offer you many possibilities of how you can use your outdoor space.

Here are some ways in which your home in Seaton can benefit from adding outdoor sockets:


All outdoor socket installations are waterproof. This protects you against our frequently changing UK weather. If it begins raining mid-way through you cutting the grass, you can be assured you’re safe with the use of a waterproof outdoor socket. This allows you time to safely unplug your lawn mower without the need of rushing around unplugging and winding up extension cords.

No more extension cords

Although extension cords are convenient at providing you power in areas where there are no power outlets, they are considered a high-risk electrical product especially for outdoor use. Extension cords are not only a cause of electrical hazards, they are also a major cause of injuries.

Ease of use

Outdoor sockets provide a great deal of convenience to your outdoor electrical demands. To be able to plug in your garden electrical appliances without the need of trailing extension cords throughout your home offer you both ease and an increase in safety.

Endless possibilities

Adding outdoor sockets can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor activities. With a nearby power source, your family can have a great time with adding lighting, music, electric BBQ or even a hot tub. You could even add a projector for an outdoor film night with your family.

Where Can I Install Outdoor Sockets?

The installation of an outdoor socket is entirely up to you. If you feel your home would benefit from a socket in the front garden rather than your back garden, then this can be made possible. You could even add an outdoor socket to your shed. With the help of a qualified electrician, you can together locate the perfect space to install your outdoor sockets which is compliant with regulations.

Seaton’s Local Outdoor Electrics Electrician

Only trained and qualified electricians should be considered for any outdoor electrics installations. A qualified electrician will understand the safest place to install your outdoor socket and will have the knowledge of how to connect it to the mains power of the house safely. If you need help with installing outdoor electrics to your home in Seaton, then our team of experts at Tyne Electrical Services would be happy to help. We are qualified, NICEIC registered and hold all the necessary insurances to ensure a safe installation in your garden. Contact our friendly team today, to discuss your outdoor electrical needs.